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Rent a "Fat" Person in Tokyo: Wait, What! 😱

Rent a "Fat" Person in Tokyo: Wait, What! 😱

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In this week’s issue:

  • Rent a β€œFat” Person in Tokyo. Wait, What! (Yes, this is real.)
  • Spend a day inside the BBS Auto Wheels Factory.
  • Tokyo Fashion Highlights.
  • Craft Cola is Big in Japan.
  • Music from Japan Featuring Utada Hikaru.

Enjoy ✌

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You can now rent β€˜fat people’ in Japan
One of the more unusual industries to appear in Japan in recent years is the rent-a-person business. There were the rent-a-middle-aged-dude and rent-a-sister services we tried out, for example, and now comes a new innovation: a company that will let you rent a β€œfat” person. We should point out that …

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