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Cardboard Designer Wallets

Cardboard Designer Wallets

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Recycling Cardboard Boxes for Designer Wallets

How Fuyuki Shimazu Upcycles Cardboard Boxes to Create Designer Wallets | Tokyo Weekender
TW interviews the innovative owner of Carton, Fuyuki Shimazu, who breathes new life into cardboard boxes, turning them into unique wallets.


Harajuku Fashion Highlights

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Starbucks Japan Now Has Lasagna

Starbucks Japan is a great place to go for…lasagna?!?
Every now and again, we have to stop and remind ourselves that Starbucks’ full name is Starbucks Coffee Company, since it’s not always a craving for a cup of coffee that brings us through their doors. Especially in Japan, we’re as likely to be ordering a roasted sweet potato Frappuccino or sakura do…

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