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Superman Loves Japanese Food

Superman Loves Japanese Food

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In this week’s issue:

  • Superman Flies to Japan for Lunch in a New Manga.
  • Spend Time in Japan's Tiniest Camper Van
  • Tokyo Fashion Highlights. View online to see photos.👆
  • Freeze-Dried Green Tea & Coffee Cubes.
  • Music from Japan Featuring Grace Aimi.

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Superman Flies to Japan for Lunch in a New Manga.

A new manga by Satoshi Miyakawa and Kai Kitago features the Man of Steel flying to Japan on a mission to enjoy a variety of Japanese food. Apparently, heat-ray vision comes in handy with certain Japanese dishes. Read the full article on Time Out Tokyo,

Superman has a new manga – it’s all about him enjoying Japanese food
In the Japanese-language Superman vs Food, DC’s Man of Steel flies all the way to Japan for lunch

Renting Japan's Tiniest Camper Van

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