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How Japan's Dekotora Trucks Pimp Their Rides

How Japan's Dekotora Trucks Pimp Their Rides

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Culture & Lifestyle

How Japan's Dekotora Trucks Pimp Their Rides

Inside Japan’s lavishly decorated ‘Dekotora Trucks’
From chandeliers to Louis Vuitton seats, owners spend up to $100,000 dollars decking out their ‘Dekotora Trucks.’


Harajuku Fashion Highlights

Tweet from Tokyo Fashion with Photos of Freelance Male Model on the Streets of Harajuku.


Story Headline

Tweet with a photo of burgers available in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Made in Japan

Japanese Joinery

Japanese carpentry was developed more than a millennium ago through Chinese architectural influences such as Ancient Chinese wooden architecture and uses woodworking joints. It involves building wooden furniture without the use of nails, screws, glue, or electric tools. Wikipedia

Music from Japan

Featuring Aya Gloomy

Aya Gloomy is a musician, producer, model, and vintage shop owner.

Work World by AYA GLOOMY
Song · 3:43 · 2021

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