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The Poo Issue

The Poo Issue

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In this week’s issue:

  • Japan's Museum of Poo.
  • Tokyo's Bright Pink Poo Mascot.
  • Poo Themed Mobile Games.
  • Lucky Poo.
  • Harajuku Fashion Highlights, featuring Pee & Poo.
  • Made in Japan, featuring Japanese Toilet History.
  • Music from Japan Featuring U.N.K.O. The Poo Song.

Enjoy ✌

Like poo can sometimes be, the poo issue was not planned, it sorta dropped in my path while reading the story about the pink poo mascot in Tokyo. I mistakenly thought the bright pink turd would be a one-off about poo, only to discover many poo stories exist in Japan. Unable to choose just one, I decided to do a whole issue, dedicated to poo, because poo is apparently, Big in Japan. :)

Culture & Lifestyle

New Museum of Poo in Tokyo

Museum of poo opening in Japan, has living poo mascot that lays other living poos
Colorful museum’s management promises “photogenic” experience and fun “shit game.”

Tokyo's Bright Pink Poo Mascot

Tokyo’s newest mascot character: a smiling bright pink turd laid by Japan’s most famous dog【Vid】
The unofficial ambassador for Shibuya and Harajuku makes sure to keep the statue of famously loyal dog Hachiko clean.

Poo Themed Mobile Games

Keep yourself entertained during long loo breaks with poo-themed mobile game【TGS 2015】
While sniffing out the most interesting things on offer at this year’s Tokyo Game Show 2015, we came across one game that was making quite a splash with its bizarre theme and crazy advertising. How could RocketNews24 resist talking to the guy in a bright yellow bodysuit with a poo hat on his head?! …

Lucky Poo

Japanese mythbusting: Is it good luck to stumble upon another person’s poo in a shared toilet?
We put the cold comfort that fecal encounters bring good fortune to the test.


Harajuku Fashion Highlights, Featuring Pee & Poo hoodie. Click the photo to read more on Tokyo Fashion's website.

Image: Tokyo Fashion. Click to Visit their website.

Made in Japan

Japanese Toilet History

Japanese Music

U.N.K.O A Song About Poo, No, Seriously

U.N.K.O. is sponsored by the  Unko Museum in Yokohama featuring the beauty of crap through interactive art exhibits. Words to the song are included here.

Read the backstory behind the U.N.K.O. song below.

U.N.K.O. is the most beautiful song about poo ever written
A collab between popular Japanese electronic artists leads to a touching tribute to the substance that unites us all.

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